TodayTomorrow Ventures is a hands-on Impact Investment Fund 

TodayTomorrow Ventures ("TTV") was founded by a group of people united in their shared values and the common experience of being on the ground in Africa. We work primarily with Ethiopia-based ventures and companies. The nation is transforming rapidly, thus opening new opportunities for both social and financial gain. Our objective is to bring about real economic, environmental, and social development ... all through investment and deep involvement in the operations of financially-sustainable high-quality productive businesses.

TTV consists of two investment funds:  TTV Agro and TTV Industries. Each investment fund has a specific investment focus, while also overseeing the underlying companies' dedicated management, staff, strategies, and business functions. Closely monitoring all of these activities, the TTV management team helps guide the underlying companies with common commitment, accountability, and drive.  Moreover, the TTV companies mutually benefit from the strength of our wide-ranging experience and skill set, which translates to more production solutions within the TTV family of companies.

TTV Industries

Investing in manufacturing:

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