The TTV Mission

TodayTomorrow Ventures operates funds that are known as Impact Investment funds. We bring sustainability to a rapidly industrializing corner of the world, while simultaneously creating value for our investors.  TTV's funds, in turn, invest in new businesses that provide valuable products and services.

What We've Achieved

• We have an actively-engaged management and staff based in our attractive central office in Addis, 

• We are proud of our accountability. For example, we regularly pass strict government auditing of financial accounting, and our farm products pass international quality audits..

• We are proud of our companies' independent operations, busily humming along and steadily gaining market share.

• We have a respected reliable practice of well-received exports, as well as high-quality deliverables to local markets.

• Our products are regularly exhibited at national and internationally-run exhibitions.

• We have established significant large-scale farming operations, while providing ecological benefits.

• We have established factories whose products can compete with world-wide competition.

• We have provided industrial solutions such as wastewater treatment, proving good causes are also good business.