A note to potential STAKEHOLDERS and partners

TodayTomorrow Ventures (TTV) improves upon the typical model of a frontier-oriented investment company.  

We provide more than investment capital.  We study where the greatest opportunities exist, and then carefully establish businesses to implement those opportunities.  By working primarily in the emerging economy of Ethiopia, we are able to earn high returns on investment, while providing a positive social impact for the local communities and the country at large.

Since 2012, TTV has founded a number of Ethiopian businesses in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.  We have provided investment capital, management expertise, operational know-how, local experience, and a network of local contacts.  Our enterprises have achieved, or are approaching, a positive cash flow -- in a short period of time.

Through this work, we have developed many strong contacts with government leaders who appreciate the positive social impact TTV has had on the country.  We also enjoy strong business contacts, and have the resources to act nimbly to explore new opportunities that seem a good fit.  Because we employ many locals at increasingly higher levels, our ventures are quite stable and welcome.  Further, our independent NGO called STEMpower (www.STEMpower.org) is viewed favorably by every community that we touch, basically spanning the entire nation of Ethiopia and nearby countries.

We see potential for huge growth within our existing businesses, and we also see opportunities in other markets that we've not yet tackled.  For example, our high-tech farms could expand from the current 75 hectare (~200 acre) scale to many times that;  our factories could become much larger estates with more of an export focus;  we could add new plants to manufacture products beyond the licensed scope of our existing factories.

To this end, if you are an accredited, serious, and well-capitalized investor, with an interest or expertise in African markets, then we invite you to contact us and learn more about the investment opportunities at TTV.  

Alternately, if you are an individual with industrial or farming expertise, with experience in Africa (and especially Ethiopia), and you have identified a relevant opportunity could be converted into a successful business, then we also invite you to contact us at TTV.

Note:  As of this writing, we strongly prefer to invest within countries of which we've had experience. From a practical standpoint, we are much more experienced with projects in Ethiopia than in any other country.