TodayTomorrow Ventures Industries Fund

TTV Industries Fund invests in, and operates, commercial manufacturing facilities and services.

TTV businesses are independent endeavors, yet our inter-company collaboration gives us maximum flexibility to seamlessly solve challenges inherent in today's fast-growing Ethiopia.


IMG Metal Manufacturing, PLC

Inspiration:  Support the Ethiopian construction boom, and end its reliance on the unsafe unsustainable traditional methods of eucalyptus wood scaffolding.

TTV's IMG Metal Manufacturing, PLC, was established in 2014 to manufacture KwikStage-compatible steel scaffolding. Our products are especially in demand during the construction of tall buildings, which are part of Ethiopia's plan to prevent urban sprawl as cities absorb increasing residents. We have since expanded our product line with more fabricated metal products and applications, and we export from our factory compound in Dukem, Ethiopia, 35 km south of the national capital city Addis Ababa. 



porta manufacturing, plc

Inspiration: Meet the growing demand in Ethiopia for high quality doors.

TTV's Porta Manufacturing, PLC, was established in 2015 as a joint venture between TTV and Ethio Dutch Furniture. Porta has since expanded to manufacture many kinds of wood products for both the construction and interior furnishing industries.  We also market, distribute, and install these products. Example products include high-end doors & frames for the hotel industry, builder-grade doors found in new condominium construction, and vertical concrete-rebar column jigs.  Our factory is located in Dukem, Ethiopia, 35 km south of the national capital city Addis Ababa. 


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TTV Achyro, llc

Inspiration:  In Ethiopia, it’s expensive to purchase foreign-made products made mostly of air, and anyway plastic is phasing out.

TTV Achyro, LLC, was established in 2018 to manufacture paper and similar fiber-based products. Our first products are paper drinking straws and also modest-sized boxes intended for agriculture. We hope to expand beyond these, as dictated by the market. As we expand, we also hope to utilize agriculture waste as an environmentally-friendly source for pulp fiber, especially in single-use applications. Our factory is located in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, 45 km south of the national capital city Addis Ababa.