TTV Companies and our community

The family of companies collectively known as TodayTomorrow Ventures ("TTV") operates in Ethiopia, an exceptionally beautiful corner of the world.  TTV aims to keep the nation beautiful.

Moreover, we feel a social responsibility with the Ethiopian peoples.  Our team has initiated many highly-visible and ongoing activities that go beyond our environmentally-friendly products and services.


• TTV farms utilize sophisticated drip irrigation systems to make the most of rainfall, filtered groundwater, natural fertilizers, and other techniques in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

• TTV farms and factories employ and promote local talent and management, who in turn achieve sustainability with maximum creativity.

• During the past nine years, the TTV management team established the independently-operating not-for-profit NGO called STEM Synergy ( and its predecessor.  Today, STEM Synergy operates a number of programs that provide hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) enrichment for pre-university Ethiopian students.  Through our programs, tens of thousands of students have gained serious lab experience before they enter their university studies.  Within Ethiopia, STEM Synergy has established many STEM centers, science museums, university outreach programs, science high schools, regional&national science fair competitions, robotics competitions, and more.  It is noteworthy in many programs that females comprise more than 50% of the student population. STEM Synergy operates in every Ethiopian regional state, laying the seeds of national peace and development.  In addition, STEM Synergy also has projects in nearby friendly East African countries, e.g. South Sudan, Kenya, and more, fostering inter-nation collaboration in parallel with STEM enrichment.  Please visit the website for more information.

• The TTV management team obtained four large containers, containing over 100,000 age-appropriate STEM-appropriate English-language books.  Our farm storehouses subsequently warehoused the books prior to successful distribution through public schools and libraries in five Ethiopian cities.

• TTV farms collaborate with the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Resources - Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center.  For example, the partnership studies the cultivation of industrially-interesting agricultural crops that thrive on scrub land.  We aim to create new sustainable resources that absolutely do not compete with food production. 

• TTV farms support collaborative visits by organizations and students from nearby countries even poorer than Ethiopia.  Our purpose is to develop information-sharing agribusiness concepts on a wide scale.

• TTV sponsors and participates in STEM-relevant university conferences and the Ethiopian national science & robotics fair.

• TTV maintains good relationships with Ethiopian government ministries, regional&local governments, and universities.