TodayTomorrow Ventures Agro Fund

TTV Agro Fund invests in, and operates, commercial agricultural facilities.

TTV businesses are independent endeavors, yet our inter-company collaboration gives us maximum flexibility to seamlessly solve challenges inherent in today's fast-growing Ethiopia.


Green mark herbs, plc

Inspiration:  Produce high-quality crops by combining Ethiopia's traditional agricultural methods with modern environmentally-friendly technology. 

TTV's Green Mark Herbs, PLC, was established in 2012 to grow fresh herbs for export by jet aircraft to northern Europe, as well as to grow vegetables for local markets. Our farm is located near the southern Ethiopian resort city of Hawassa. We utilize computerized drip irrigation and achieve consistent quality inside our large greenhouses. Our crops achieve exacting European quality levels. Attention to the environment makes us a model grower.



beeco agro industries, plc

Inspiration: Expand on our Green Mark Herbs farming success, by growing a wider range of fresh vegetables and melons for local markets, and a wider range of herbs for export.

TTV's Beeco Agro, PLC, farm was established in 2016, in the highlands 30 km west of the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa. As with our Green Mark Herbs farm, we blend modern technology (e.g., computerized drip irrigation in large greenhouses) with traditional Ethiopian agricultural methods.  Attention to the environment makes us a model grower.
Beeco Agro is now seeking investors for farm expansion and a new sophisticated coffee-growing venture.


superova agro tech, plc

Inspiration:  Provide healthy protein to a rapidly-growing population.

TTV's SuperOva Agro Tech, PLC, was established in 2017 to operate a modern chicken egg production facility. We utilize the most modern production methods available, assuring maximum healthy production and minimal wastage.
SuperOva has government approval, and is awaiting delivery of equipment.